Hare Hill HouseHare Hill house. Large print in platinum and palladium on Arches Platine paper.

Well the prints just keep getting bigger!

This latest one measures about 16" wide and is on a 20" wide sheet of Arches Platine paper. I'm starting the push the envelope now as 23" square is as large as I can go with my current set up. I think given the cost of platinum it's probably big enough for for now.

Here's what it looks like on the sheet.

Hare Hill House. Hare Hill House print drying.

Hare Hill House is a local landmark I've know all my life. It is situated in historic Hare Hill Park in Littleborough Lancashire. It is currently being renovated by a group of volunteers in order that it can be of use to the community and prevent it falling into the hands of developers and being lost forever.