I've been a little quiet of late, partially because it's been winter (BOOO!) and also because my negative printer has died (double BOOO!) but also because an opportunity came my way.

I've had the chance to move my studio to the floor above where it is currently, to a space that can be fully sealed off. A light-fast room gives me the option of experimenting with many more photographic processes. That is once I'd built a wall, a ceiling, plumbed in water and have electric installed. It's not been a small job but I'm pleased to say it's nearly complete.

The new studio

I'm going back to my roots for the first process I'm going to experiment with - good old wet printing - something I've not done since college. Fortunately I already had an enlarger and various bits still in my loft but I have also benefitted from the generosity of friends who have donated pretty much everything else I need.

The sky's the limit!