As I progress with my platinum printing, I'm beginning to find that the longevity and rare nature of platinum is an attractive property that lends itself to reproducing images that are very dear to people's hearts. I suspect it is why I have already had a number of commission from people for plaitinotypes of images, of important events , loved-ones etc., despite only recently working in the medium. Some prints have been given as presents, some kept as memento's.

The Duke Of Gloucestershire carrying a wreath

Perhaps in an age of digital imagery, and photo albums disappearing with the loss of a smartphone, it is more important than ever to preserve images of things that really matter to us in a tangible way that will last and we can hold in our hands and share with others.

Mark & Hannah
Two of the three above images were mine however that didn't seem to matter. I still found a great deal of joy in trying to make the best print I possibly could, knowing how much it mattered to somebody now, and how much it could come to matter generations to come.